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Greenie aka Jenny
30 August
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i was born on a scorching hot day.
my mom went into labor on labor day.
good outdoors.
good snow. good warm weather.
when i was little i bit of a piece of my tongue.
it grew back.
when i was little i rolled down the stairs in a pillowcase.
it hurt.
my brother is my best friend.
life should be crazy.
i try to be crazy.
to keep life crazy.
sometimes parents get in the way.
music gives me life, passion, feeling, meaning.
i'm on the edge of 17, will i fall off?
colors, lots of colors.
curls and wildness.
my friends keep me laughing. thats why i love them.
boys are like the wind. they come and go.
holidays? what are holidays?
movie days in the summer with lemonade and popcorn.
what will do for the rest of my life?
i can't decide now
i need time.
college? huh?
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