Greenie aka Jenny (greenie80sgurl) wrote,
Greenie aka Jenny

I know, I know....

It's been like 10 years since I've put up a decent post. But here I am putting up a decent post. I think?

Life has been treating me well. Other than the minor fender bender that occurred today, and my ex calling me during the fender bender and not leaving a message, my life is good.

Let me make a list of things accomplished:
  • Fall in love
  • Get my master's degree
  • Get a summer job
  • Get hired for a career
  • Make lots of money
  • Save lots of money!
So those are all in the process or are completed. Getting my house together is yet another goal, but I think that I'll be able to take care of that. Maybe? I just feel like I need a week off of work to get everything done. Well next weekend is the last week, I believe. So after that, my house is mine to clean. And Jon is coming the weekend after. Maybe he can help :) Jon and cleaning don't usually mix so I'll probably entice him with promises of a home-cooked meal.

Other than that, I did something that took me 21.5 years to do. CUT MY HAIR SHORT! If I knew how to upload pictures, I would. For those of you who are actually my friend and not some weird roommate that kicked me out that still happens to read my lj, you can check me out on facebook. For the weird roommate who still reads this, don't you worry, you young spring chicken! I am still cute! HA!

So, my mom felt horrible about the fender bender today and gave me a $26 gift cert to Santoni's. While I was there, I saw this mom and her daughter that I used to babysit for. The mom and I chatted about rock climbing for a while and the kid looked completely puzzled. Then the girl asked me if I rock climb at all and I said...yeah, all the time! I thought you knew about that? She finally recognized me (short hair/new glasses effect) and told me that she chose me to write about for her "role model" essay. How cool is that??!!! I don't think I've ever before been someone's role model. Yeah!

I cannot wait to get into my classroom and start teaching. I'm stoked to go next week and take down and inventory. I'm also going to hopefully gather some curriculum books so that I can do some planning. I just can't wait to walk into that classroom with everything organized my way....It'll be great to know that all that space is mine. And you know what? I worked hard to get that job. And I'm happy where I ended up. Try and guess where it is....?

So unfortunately, or fortunately...Jon and I have been feeling the marriage pressure. Everyone in my family seems to be holding their breath while they wait for us to take the next step. I know it has to be one of those, "when we're ready" type of things. But....haha....I think I'm ready. I have my whole life together and that is just the next step. Which should be fun! But Jon isn't quite ready yet. He just started saving, but is saving for vacations, not us. Also, he's still just a paralegal and is thinking of law school but hasn't applied. It'll happen when it happens....

So Ryan gave my mom and I the stressful but possibly fun task of organizing his room while he galavants with his chick across the US. He wants a wood, masculine bed and seafoam green walls. I think in that tiny room, his dresser will double as his desk. And as for closet space? Well, good luck. I have to put an ad on craigslist soon but until then, we need to get the house inspected. And yes, we have hardwired our smoke alarms.

Oh and by the way, do you know any other chick that can fix a lawnmower TWICE?

Aww, I love watching the flowers that Ryan and Suz-meister bought me. They seem to open before my eyes. They're some sort of pink flower. I am seriously worried about him getting eaten by a bear or starving or something on his trip. It doesn't help that I just read the book and saw the movie for Into the Wild. I know, I'm overreacting. I think that a more reasonable worry is: how will Ry be when Suzy goes back to England? Ahhhh, the first love. It is always so tragic. There is nothing worse than heartbreak. Well at least Ry will be living with his big sister who has tons of flowers, awesome records to listen to (nothing like Joni Mitchell for a broken heart) and comfort food to eat.

It's weird to finally feel like I am doing the right thing. I was always...more or less...the black sheep of the family. I was the weird one who didn't wear underwear and got mediocher (totally spelled wrong, it's late) grades. I didn't really had a plan, or my only plan was to do some really easy low-paying job like being a park ranger. And I've completely turned that around. I now wear underwear, I graduated with a 4.0, and I have a moderate-paying job that still allows me to give back to the world.

All right. My time here has ended. It is now time for me to pick up Atonement and burn the midnight oil. Until next time, adieu.
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