Greenie aka Jenny (greenie80sgurl) wrote,
Greenie aka Jenny

Chronicling Rehoboth

Jon and I had our first romantic long weekend in a GAY TOWN. It was AWESOME. Let me begin.

Friday night, after the craziness of getting the house together and painting my bathroom (thanks B!), I drove up to Silver Spring. We had leftovers at Jon's parents and then went back to Jon's where he finished packing. Jon's a late-packer-person.

We woke up around 7 on Saturday morning and left around 8. After a really easy drive up through mostly farmland (and we weren't on 50 that much) we arrived at our Econolodge palace. Well it may not look like a lot from the outside, but with functioning A/C, a king sized bed and a whirlpool tub, we were rolling in luxury. Only one problem, it was about a 5 minute drive from the beach, and as we discovered, there was no easy parking around Rehoboth. Most of the streets around the main avenue charged for parking and it was at least 1.50 per hour at 3 hour max meters. Ridiculous.

So we dropped off our stuff and strolled into town for lunch. We ended up at a little sandwich shop called S.O.B.'s. I had a greek sandwich that rocked my tussee off. Only problem was, it wasn't quite filling. We went down to look at the ocean and man...nothing can compare to the first glance at the ocean.

I believe at this point, Jon and I went back to the hotel to ready ourselves for the beach and then drove to a state beach down Columbia where you can park for $7 all day. NICE. Jon splashed in the water while I read my book, knitted and relaxed. Of course, we covered ourselves
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